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Yes, 9 years. Looking back on all the old posts, I first started blogging at the tender age of 18. Not to mention it was right on my birthday as well. I started off with blogspot and most, if not all, of my posts were similar to your average teen’s blog, detailing every single thing that happen in one’s life. It was all the rage that time I guess hence you can see all the links of my friends’ blogs on the right.

As I grew up, I chance upon multiple blogs giving reviews on things they watch, play or even bought. At that time I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I should write reviews for anime, manga, games and light novels!” I often have the desire to share my thoughts but other than my friends (who often stick to their own fandom), I wanted people to know there are many interesting things out there that they (or people online) could have missed. The links on the right with the rectangular-ish pictures were other blogs who gave reviews and/or ones I find interesting. Needless to say, some are still alive and kicking, some are dead (like my blog) and some vanish into the deep abyss of the world wide web.

I do enjoy writing those reviews and I am pretty glad some people do indeed pick up the anime or light novel or whatnot after they read them. Unlike many blogs which specializes in reviews, mine was churned out at a snail’s pace as language wasn’t really my strong point. That and laziness was the key as writing a review would take up quite a bit of time and after a long period, I kind of stopped doing that altogether.

With that said, I feel that it is such a waste to let my blog die (even if I am unsure if there are people even reading this). I guess instead of long reviews, I’d turn this blog to give people snippets of information and to also share my thoughts on various things. I do have a facebook page for that actually but somehow it became a generic anime page that churns out pictures everyday. That has to change. This blog too, might receive a small makeover. Whether i am lazy in updating here or not, we will see how it goes. I am already procrastinating a lot as well in completing the first volume of my own light novel. I should really discipline myself yes?


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It’s finally over

If all is well, yesterday’s evening paper would be my last paper as an undergraduate. The holidays are here and with the number of backlogs I have piled up for everything, it’s difficult to choose a series to start. Then again, cleaning my room takes precedence and I will start a seperate blog and attempt to write a web novel or two there. Granted, my command of the English language is poor but hopefully, in writing those web novels, it’ll improve.

One small step at a time.

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Selamat Hari Raya 2013

Selamat Hari Raya 2013

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A quote from Yun Dong-ju, 1941

May I look up into the heavens until the day I die. Without a bit of shame.

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An excerpt by N. Zhenyi

There are but only a few times when a man will change, and one of those times is when he finds the love of his life

His principles, values and faith stays the same,
but the quirks, the habits, the postures, the behaviours and such, can and will be discarded in favor for his loved one

For in the face of making a choice, the man will definitely choose her over the quirks that made him his presense in the world

All things in the world are but minor and mundane compared to his principles, his values and his faith.
It is especially so when compared to her love, nothing could compare nor amount to anything, for without her, everything is boring and lackadaisical.”


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Test Poll

I’m testing the poll function. Do me a favour and help vote. Thanks.

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Selamat Hari Raya 2012

Forgive me if I offend anyone, offline or online, for the past year. Hope all of you have a great year ahead! A big THANK YOU to all my customers for staying with us at Rainyday’s Inn. We hope to see you again~

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