It’s finally over

If all is well, yesterday’s evening paper would be my last paper as an undergraduate. The holidays are here and with the number of backlogs I have piled up for everything, it’s difficult to choose a series to start. Then again, cleaning my room takes precedence and I will start a seperate blog and attempt to write a web novel or two there. Granted, my command of the English language is poor but hopefully, in writing those web novels, it’ll improve.

One small step at a time.


Why I gave up on cosplay

I have never cosplayed before but I was a helper for a cosplay team for the past 2 AFA. There were many nice people that I met in the two events (truly nice people) but at the other side of the coin, there are those who are simply ugly in character as well.

For many current cosplayers, her post might sound biased but it is still worth something to ponder about.

Does someone get paid extra for all these f*cking Boston Crab holds?!

My sentiments exactly. Never have I thought I would hate a move so much, not because it is painful but more of an overdose of the same move 6 episodes in.

I like how he wrote his impressions for the series and I have to agree I was a little disappointed they concentrated on submissions for the pro-wrestling part. We all know wrestling is commonly known for it’s entertainment value thus I would have expected to see a little bit of things done in WWF/WWE at the very least.

First few episodes was painful since Sakura was not going anywhere at all plus I’m surprised she did not even attempt to think of a way to counter the Boston Crab. Episode 6 was entertaining enough and I’ll still continue watching the show since I have no idea where this series is headed to currently.

the Check-in Station

Never thought I’d end up writing this many words about this show.  Hell, I should throw a party just for surviving six episodes of bad wrestling and crotch shots.

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Character Creation

Those were the times back then, where creativity was overflowing and creating a character or two was pretty much easy.

“I want to be a cool character wielding a sword”

Just this sentence alone serves countless possibilities and scenarios. One can be a white knight character, heading towards the lair of a monster to save the princess. One can be a swordsman in an age where carrying weapons is legal and fighting bad guys are the norm. One can even dream that one is in a particular series, helping out the main protagonist in any way one can. Drawing out the character is simple since there is not a need to care about tones or shades as long as what is on the paper resembled what one imagined that particular character to be.

Fast forward a decade and various things start to influence your way of thought. Art classes taught us the supposed norm of what an art is supposed to be. One will notice the different traits and personalities characters in a series have. Storyline starts to get more and more complicated and one will be more aware of the minor details that needs to be attended to. There seemed to be an endless amount of things to consider during the phase of creating a character. The backstory, the personality, the attire, the looks and many more. Granted, there are many templates available such as the black-haired stubborn girl, the blond princess-like girl or the short hair stoic girl. Re-using them in a story might work well if the story is good but it might backfire as a rehash of another story if it failed. Thus, the need to come up with an original character could do the trick but as expected, it would not be an easy journey.

Here we go again

Sometimes I find excuses not to full devote myself to trainings. For me family will always be first. The problem comes thereafter when I procrastinate a lot instead of doing the things I should be doing. After getting a fracture which made me unable to continue training for months, I find myself lagging behind when everyone is so far ahead (yet again). This will be an uphill task but I have decided I will fight for my place, albeit a second time, for the upcoming World Kendo Championships. My ASEAN tournament back when I was 18 was a disaster. Although this is a big jump, I am determined to set foot in Budokan in Japan and challenge the world.

Yume no Kyojin

The rumble of thunder could be heard in a distance. Looking up, the sky was covered in darkness, similar to the coffee I had in the morning. However, instead of the warmth I felt from the coffee, the cold penetrated my skin. The rain softly fell on my face, showering me with comfort albeit the low temperature. I gazed around, and found out I am standing on top of one of several towers. The towers were particular, instead of a domed roof, it had a flat roof instead. There were several buildings around that reminded me of the medieval structures one found in books. Surrounding the area were walls, huge walls that looked strangely familiar.

“Sean!” a man shouted while running towards me. He is taller than me, with hazel-colored hair that is shaved at the sides. He wore the trademark attire of the scouting legion.  I recognized him instantly, despite the shadow of the night beckoning down on us.

“Hey, Jean. What’s the matter?” I looked at him, puzzled.

“What’s the matter my arse! They have already reached the walls. We need to prepare ourselves bef-” A huge explosion occurred before Jean managed to complete his sentence. The both of us quickly turned our heads towards the source and found the perpetrator in the aftermath of the explosion.

“Colossal Titan” I murmured.  I looked at him in a daze before realization hits me. “Shit! The wall have been breached! The titans will swarm in!”

“You’re only realizing it now?! Get your act together and prepare to enter formation!” Jean snapped back at me while he readied his 3D Maneuver Gear. At that point of time, I felt something familiar in my left hand. I raised it up to find myself holding a katana. If I’m holding a katana, how am I supposed to use the 3D Maneuver Gear? Thinking that it might be possible if I mimic the santo-ryu style that Zoro from One Piece uses, I looked down and I found…no 3D Maneuver Gear on my waist. Not even a single blade was there. All I had was the katana in my left hand. Shitshitshitshit! You have to be kidding me!? How the hell am I supposed to move around without it!

“SEAN!!! A DEVIANT AT YOUR 12 o’clock!” Jean’s screams woke me up from my static state. He had already moved to the next pillar while I’m still at the same position. Looking ahead, I saw a Titan at a building about 500m from me. He was on all fours when he suddenly jumped towards me at a frightening speed. In that instance, my thoughts processed in what seemed like the fastest in my lifetime. Damn it, if i stay here I will either get crushed or eaten! I should jump off the tower but I will just fall without the 3D-Maneuver Gear! Oh shit, I have no time! I have to decide NOW! Blast it! I’ll just jump!”

Moments before the deviant titan came crashing down, I leaped off the tower. I quickly turned around in mid-air and pierced my sword into the wall, bringing my fall to a stop. As I was hanging at the side of the tower, the debris and smoke cleared and I saw the titan in full view. As expected, he felt my presence and turned around to look down on me. Two choices were presented before me. Either I’ll do a repetitive drop-and-pierce downwards or I run up, swing around and cut his nape. First option looked safer but it will all end for naught if the titan just jumped down towards me. Second option is to run up the side of the tower…Huh? Can I really run up? Wait, how can a normal human run up the side of a tower like that? Oh crap, he’s going to jump down. Argh, I’ll just ru-

The sound of a huge gunshot reverberated throughout the surroundings and I saw the titan’s head blew off. However, if his nape wasn’t hit he would regenerate. Without wasting my chance, I quickly ran up the wall, jumped onto his body and cleanly sliced off the nape. The titan’s body dropped limply and started to disintegrate. At that point of time I realised, that everything I’m experiencing was a dream. How else would I be able to run up the wall or jumped off the tower and pierce it with the katana? In a sense, I’m now having a lucid dream since I woke up in it. No wonder I only had a katana with me. With that said, the person who shot the titan to aid me was definitely…

“Reki” I sighed, feeling relieved, and glance at the direction of where the shot came from and true enough, she’s standing on another tower but this time around she’s wearing similar clothing to Jean and in her hands was an anti-material sniper gun, the ones which can be used against tanks. She nodded softly at me before running off. The roars of the titans caught my attention and i saw a sizable amount gathered near the part of the wall that was demolished by the Colossal Titan.

“All of them are gathered there. If only I can do an Excalibur on them. Hmm, since this is a dream i might be ab-” A blinding flash from the back forced me to twist around around quickly. There in the distance, was a huge pillar of golden light, emitted by a sword I am extremely familiar with. The one wielding it, have an air of divine intimidation around her. Yes, I know her. I know her very well. She’s going to swing that pillar of light down and destroy the huge group of titans gathered near the wall. The only problem is my tower is in the path of that huge attack.

“Saber…so I am supposed to wake up from my dream now huh?” I mumbled. She looked at me and gave me a fearless smile, akin to that of a lion who has victory in its grasp. “Ah well” I shrugged. I can’t even escaped even if I jumped off the tower since the area of attack was large.

See you again. I heard her voice in my head. “Yeah, see ya.” I responded and a huge pillar of light fell on me at that very instant.

Project SS

Writing reviews can be a hassle thus props to those who can churn out something for every single episode. I do not fancy writing ‘summarized’ reviews since I’ll feel incomplete if I do not say everything I want about the series. I’m going to try something new. I’m going to start writing extremely short stories or acts which might aid me in my quest of writing an actual story. This stories would not be related to the actual one and they are loosely based on the dreams I have at night, my experiences or just a random piece I thought up out of nowhere. I do appreciate comments even if it is as simple as “Your grammar in this post is absolutely horrendous”. Hopefully I can churn out one every week but I will try to keep this project alive.